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  • The L2 Ark Team - Tsiam
    Today at 06:50:38 am

    One lucky new member will win 1000 Blue Eva on our opening day, 5th of October.

    All you have to do in order to be eligible to win the prize is to become a member on our forum:

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    The L2 Ark Team - Voss
    October 04, 2018, 12:17:02 am
    Hello everyone!

    We are finally ready to start our promotion phase and release the date of our grand server opening.

    The server will open on the 7th of November 2015, 13:00 GMT!

    The login and game server will be online as we are still working on it, however registration on our website will not be available until the grand opening.

    We will now require your help to grow our community.
    Help us spread the word about our server on forums and social media and none the least your friends!

    Join our forum and like our Facebook page for further information and discussions.


    We hope that you will enjoy your stay!
    The L2 Ark Team - Voss
    September 20, 2018, 05:31:51 pm
    Hello again!

    Our team has been really busy these last few days implementing anti bot protection as well as testing out our hosts DDoS protection.
    So far so good, we believe we have a balanced environment however it's always best to be safe than sorry.

    We like to keep ourselves busy, so while development and infrastructure team is working on that, the rest has been doing some research in where we think it's worth for us to do some "marketing".

    As we mention throughout the website, we do not like Vote systems. We believe they are annoying and we do not believe in "paying" our community for votes. If you like us, then the votes will come.
    Instead we will be focusing on word of mouth.
    Posting our details on forums and reaching out to communities that are waiting for something like L2 Ark.

    We hope that you will help us with this!
    The L2 Ark Team - Voss
    September 03, 2018, 03:16:26 pm

    The project is moving forward in rapid speed.

    The Interlude server is in configuration mode, meaning the server is up and running however only for development purposes.
    The website is almost completed and that includes a brand new forum!
    Client files are already done as we do not have a lot of client required modifications.

    We are also developing an auto updater/launcher which will make life a bit easier for you.
    The L2 Ark Team - Voss
    August 19, 2018, 07:43:06 pm
    Hello world!

    Our project and journey has now begun.

    With a team of old L2 players, L2OFF developers, infrastructure technicians and network specialists.
    We believe that we can accomplish a great experience for everyone who are still hardcore Lineage 2 fans.

    The team will work as fast as they can to release our first server, which will be an Interlude 35x PvP server.
    This will of course run on L2 OFF files!